”What you have in your bag shows what type of player you really are” that simply means are you the type of player that uses a certain bat because of the bats brand name? Or maybe you swing that bat because of your favorite player, both are good reasons. Wood bat usage has declined because of greater reliance on aluminum and composites. Wood bats are used in professional, amateur and wood bat leagues throughout the country. Here at ZEUS all the baseball players within our program swing BOOM STICK wood bats when they aren’t swinging aluminum or composite bats. We hand make our bats here in the United States, in beautiful Copperas Cove, Texas.  Our High school, 18U select team, College summer Code Red Baseball team, and men’s league players all swing the BOOM STICK. Can we guarantee that you will hit a homerun or better yet get a hit every time you step in the batter’s box? The answer is no!  That’s all in your training, but what we can guarantee is this! You will have the best Wood Bat, Batting Glove, and Zeus Gear combination to go along with your training, putting you in the best position to be successful in the batter’s box and on the field. Our wood bats are milled from the finest Northern White Ash, Burch, and Maple (Rock or Sugar). Our billets come from parts of Pennsylvania, New York, and several other northeastern states where the terrain, soil, and climate are most favorable for good wood growth. Approximately 55% of our professional model bats are made from Maple 40% Ash, and 5% Burch.