Model 110: Barrel: 2-1/2" Handle: 15/16" Knob: 2" with slight flare: The model 110 is an outstanding bat for players moving from metal to wood. It has similar balance and feel of its metal alloy counterparts. The barrel of the 110 is longer than average, nearly 6" of parallel walls that flows into a slight negative taper to the handle. Even with the longer barrel size, this model has great balance and is not top-heavy. The 110 has been around for quite a while and enjoys popularity in the majors.Type your paragraph here.

Model 271: Barrel: 2-1/2" Handle: 15/16" Knob: 1-7/8" medium flare: The 271 is the most used model in the game. It has nearly 6" of parallel walls in the barrel with a long, slightly negative taper to the handle. The weight distribution of the 271 is out more into the barrel than the 110, but still has a nice balanced feel. It is a fast bat to swing, and has some decent power. This model tends to adapt well to nearly every hitting style. It does what you want it to do. It is no wonder than more models have spun off of the 271 base than any other bat. Like the 110 and the 243, the 271 is considered a "root" model. Because of its versatility, the 271 is a good entry level bat.your paragraph here.


Model 141: Barrel: 2-1/2" Handle: 15/16" Knob: 1-15/16" with slight flare: Considered a workhorse by many, the 141 is a straight taper bat with approximately 5" of parallel walls in the barrel before the taper begins. It's considered a smaller bat than average and like model 76 uses a denser billet of wood for its construction. This means better durability and harder hitting surface.

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Model 76: Barrel: 2-1/2" Handle: 15/16" Knob: 2-1/4" flared: The model 76 is a medium-small barrel bat. The parallel walls of the barrel extend for 2-1/2" then go into a long straight taper to the handle. It is a very dense bat due to its size. This translates to an increase in hitting power and durability. It is a comfortable bat to swing, has excellent controllability, and is a great entry level bat, but will make the most experienced hitter happy with its surprising power.

Model 243: Barrel: 2-5/8" Handle: 15/16" Knob: 2" standard knob: The 243 is the "big boy" of wood bats. It has the largest barrel available in wood bats with almost 7" of parallel walls. This very large barrel design is followed by a pronounced negative taper to the handle. Most of the weight of the 243 is at the end of the bat and balance can be an issue. Also, the 243' s large size means that in order to keep the bat in the -2 range, a less dense billet of hardwood has to be used. This creates an issue of breakage commonplace with large barrel bats. That being said, the 243 is the premier wood bat model for experienced wood bat swingers. It is not a recommended bat for beginners as it is top heavy and can lead to dropping the barrel in the swing.